Friday, November 24, 2006

Ya..ya..Here we go

While I was at the Changdeokgung Palace guided tour, we came across a group of young boys and girls dressed in traditional customes. They looked happy and care free, seem to be excited over some event.
The guide told us that they are taking their school graduation photo. At the palace? Interesting I thought. What a great idea. Koreans never stop to amaze me.

The boys and girls would line up side by side later and have their photo taken as a pair. They were so adorable and you can see them showing off with their best posture and smile. Too bad I did not take any photo.
I have noticed at most of my visit, you will see a lot of school boys and girls visiting the palace. And you also see the boy holding the girl's hand. I guessed it's taught to them since young to take care of the female.

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