Saturday, November 25, 2006

We just want a table to eat..........

Sometimes when you just want to be adventurous and just go to any restaurant without a reservation, don't be alarm if you cannot find a table during dinner time. It seems that reservation is a thing here. Me and k got some impolite treatments at two restaurants near city centre. cut the story short.
At restaurant 1:
Me: Can I have a table for two?
Girl 1: All the tables are reserved....
Me: Not even one table???
Girl 1: All the tables are reserved. You can sit here....
Me:(In my heart- no chairs, next to the walkway and counter...thinking very noise and evryone look at your food leh.)
Girl 1 : All table are reserved. All will come soon.
Me: ......................
At restaurant 2:
Girl 2 & 3 pretend we are invisible....
Me:Can I have a table for two?
Girl 2:All tables are fully booked. You come back in 2 hours time, 8pm.
Girl 2 & 3 pretend we are invisible again....
*Boiling inside*
Well, luck is on our side, we found this Japanese restaurant at Liang court. The restaurant is located at the basement right at the corner outside of Meidiya supermarket.
Even though the restaurant is full and there is a queue starting to form outside, they seem to work out a system.
1) You approach the girl at the counter.
2) She hands you a paper with a number and tell you the duration of waiting time.
3) She calls out the number accordingly.
4) One will guide you to your table.
5) The table is clean when you reach the table.
We waited for only 15 minutes even though our number is 60 and the calling number was at 45 when we first arrived. That's was fast. *happy*
The whole experience is excellent.
1) You get served green tea immediately after you sit down.
2) The staff topped up your green tea without you asking.
3) The food we ordered was really good.
We ordered Wafu beef steak(the meat is so soft and juicy), Unagi Kamameshi rice(like clay pot rice except with unagi, very yummy too and you just can't stop eating), Smoked Miso Ramen (pork bone soup with ramen, yummy too but husband commented too salty) and green tea ice cream(milky and smooth).
Sorry there was no photo cause I forgot and we need to eat more to compensate the rejection earlier.
The staffs would say thank you aloud when you leave the restaurant. All is not lost and It's an evening with a happy ending.


Kean-Jin Lim said...

Sounds like you have not pleasure experiences at first but end with happy ending. Suhsi...eerrmm...I miss suhsi.

TehSee said...

We worked up an appetide in the end while walking from one restaurant to the other...There are still some distance away for some local restaurants to up their services in Singapore...sad to say this.