Friday, February 6, 2009

Frogs in Perak

I was laughing when reading one of the blog that described these so called "assemblymen" as frogs....Totally agreed on the term "katak".

But I am very sad and angry as well....

This is not about been sore on a winning or losing game but the way it was taken over.

How can you think that the people of Malaysia are naive and fool?

Thursday, January 22, 2009 here we come


萬市如憶   ~股市萬點已成追憶 ,苦啊~

還有不要喝 鮮草蜜~ 先炒me


Wishing you an Ox-picious CNY. HUAT AR!!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Smoke free

For someone who came from a family of smokers, I cannot be happier to read news that Singapore have extended the area of non-smoking to places like lift lobbies, market, car parks, ferry terminal, playgrounds, shopping malls, shop, factories, hotel lobbies and within five meter of entrance and exits with effective 1 Jan 2009.

Did not forget the nth times that my grandfather, dad, uncle and brother would smoked while driving or while watching TV in the living room. And many times of reminders that fall on deaf ear. I had suffered second hand smoke for at least 20 years.

Now that I am here for many years, I do appreciate the clean air at home and whenever I go out shopping, have a meal or a drink. But occasionally, you do get the smell of cigarette when walking behind a smoker. Feel like throwing a pail of water on their head. Haha...

Hope that other countries are doing this too..I read that Taiwan and India are also extended the no smoking zone too...Let this movement spread...."clap clap".