Wednesday, November 22, 2006

I thought we were in a Korean drama

This picture were taken during our trip to seoul, South Korea in September 2006. We were at the Korean Folk village when we stumbled upon a couple having their traditional wedding ceremony. Initially, we thought it was part of a show but later found out otherwise. Happy that it is not part of the itinerary and have a glimpse of another culture.

We felt like we were in another era of time cause the Korean traditional costumes especially the man look so much like clothes wore by people in China during the Sung dynasty.

The groom is the guy in red opposite the bride but was covered by some plant in the photo. I made a blunder before the ceremony by asking him if the ceremony is for real or not. I thought he was the ticket man dressed in costume. Silly me.

The bride is in a green Hanbok(Korean traditional costume). We did not manage to see her face cause she was covered by a cloth all the time. Poor girl too cause most of time she is in this position as seen in the photo above.

We left half way through the ceremony cause the ceremony was in Korean language and we were hungry by then.

The little girl must be one of the invited guest's daughter. Is she pretty and cute or what?? All dress up for the occasion.


Shu said...

It does remind me of a period drama and I wouldn't have guessed that it was a wedding in progress if you have not shared...

I wonder how long the whole ceremony is and how popular is this with the new generation ?

TehSee said...

The ceremony took around 2 hours cause when we left for lunch around 2pm, the restaurant(a small one) was closed for the couple's lunch reception since 12pm.

I feel South Koreans are proud of their tradition and I hope the new generation are too. I still see young girls in Hanbok in special occasion.