Sunday, March 9, 2008

What do you wish now?

Now that Selangor is under the opposition hand, I hope that the new state government will:

1) reduce crime rate like snatch thieves and made the neighbourhood safe again.

2) relook at the industries that will employ more locals and reduce reliance on foreign labours.

3) be transparent on the administrative and implementation of policies and handling of the state budget and our tax accountable and responsible...benchmark performance....don't take revenge on lost candidates.

4) improve the living standards of the poor and the underprivileged groups.

5) preserve Bukit Gasing as a forest reserve and not allow more illegal or legal logging and housing developments that are going on now.

6) improve the traffic congestion at area like Subang Jaya and the Federal Highway.

I know is not an easy tasks to do all the above in 5 years time.

But we can only hope the new state government deliver now that the people of Selangor have given you this opportunity....

What is your wish list for your state?

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