Saturday, December 22, 2007

Winter Solstice (冬至)

Today is a day of reunion celebration where family members gathered to made balls of glutinous rice (湯圓) which symbolize reunion....

Someone once told me that the colour 湯圓 mean something.

Red represents happiness.
White represents caring.
Orange represents merry.
Yellow represents safety.
Green represents health.
Blue represents good luck.
Purple represents doing anything smoothly.

汤圆里有七种颜色, 红色代表。幸福,白色代表。关怀,橙色代表。快乐,黄色代表。平安,绿色代表。健康,蓝色代表。好运,紫色代表。顺利 … 我把它们全送给你,冬至快乐!

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