Thursday, July 5, 2007

I still love my fried char kuay tiew this way

1 packet of char kuay tiew ( a type of noodle made from rice flour)
chopped garlic
8 peeled medium prawn
a pinch of bean sprout
1 stalk of spring onion cutted into short stripes
Chinese sausages (optional)
Soya sauce and black soya sauce to taste
Cooking oil

1. Hot the wok and oil in high heat.
2. Sauteed the garlic quickly.
3. Stir fried char kuay tiew and make sure you spead the chay kuay tiew apart.
4. Add soya sauce and black soya sauce and continue to coat the chay kuay tiew with the sauces.
5. Add prawn and chinese sausages. Continue to stir fry until the prawn is cooked.
6 Add bean sprout and spring onion for 1 minute. Off the fire.
7. Serve while hot.

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