Thursday, June 28, 2007

Smoked Fish - Salai

We received a surprise parcel from his mom. The dried fishes were wrapped in plastic bag and consists of 6 dried fishes. According to hubby, the dried fishes is called salai and is local to his hometown. They are not salty but rather smoked to dry.

He later dried them further under the sun before putting them into the oven to grill for 5 to 10 minutes. After which, let them cooled and peeled the skin and head away and left with the flesh.

Don't they look like the satay fish from Pangkor we are used to in Malaysia and Singapore? Actually it does taste like satay fish with a tat of smokey taste minus the fishy smell.

I tried them with meat porridge and two type of sauces. One is sauteed garlic with oil and soya sauce and the other one is chopped raw onion and garlic with lemon juice and soya sauce. Both sauces go well with salai but I prefer the second sauce better. I invented this way of eating salai.

Or you can stir fried the salai with beans or any green veggie, a conventional way done in his hometown.

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