Saturday, January 13, 2007

Schoolgirls competing to be No.1 in sex game

When I read the title from the newspaper, I thought it is a sex seminar quiz conducted by schools. In my heart was like, very proactive on this issue. Then, I read the whole article and I want to "pengsan" and *shock*, not shiok.

Schoolgirls competing to be No.1 in sex game

Those sex partners???? Hey these girls are some body's sisters and daughters who are 13 years old and 15 years old, OK issit?

Hello...where is your brain when it is most required???? I guess all this is not important as it can be brought for RM1,000....How about the possibility of being pregnant and the virus called AIDS?

I am equally *SHOCK* at the way the school decision to expel them..."cuci tangan" very easily. We are all adults and we(the school and the parents involved) should be giving them counselling and guidance to the students involved and not push it back to the society.

I sincerely hope this is an isolated incident and not a common game that the teenagers are playing these days...Aunty's heart cannot tahan.

Parents have the first line of responsibility to teach self respect and responsibility into children and not just emphasize on academic excellent only. The school play a equally important role in teaching them the correct values too.

I cannot tahan when I see sometimes when the parents keep praising the child for how many "A" he/she had when at the same time the child show behaviour of dis-respect to the parents and the maids.

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