Friday, February 22, 2008

Responsible - 承擔

欣宜一字一淚的訴說出曾對母親許下的承諾﹕“我會爭氣,我會乖,I will try my best to learn to be a responsible woman(我會盡力學習做一個有承擔的女人)。”(明報網站)

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How old is she? Did you say 20 years old?

What were you doing at this age?

My guess is that still not sure of the future...probably studying or just started working...What do we know about life and death at this age? Taking care of terminally ill patient at this age? Facing the future alone without your parents or any siblings around at this age?

So, as a parent myself, I am sure she had gone though a lot physically and emotional. In my opinion she is one responsible woman in the making....



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As much as I dislike this guy, he had paid a huge price for being a responsible man for once in my opinion....that I have to acknowledge him for it...

What can we learn from the two recent most hottest entertainment news besides the obvious????

Both are forced to grow up to be a responsible person in different set of circumstances!!

I pray that no matter what obstacles lay ahead, both of them will have the wisdom, family and friends around them to help them get over...and age no matter...

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