Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Portobello mushroom

Picture from : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Portobello_mushroom

Look at the size of the mushroom ...can feed the whole family. Hehe..

This one is imported from Malaysia but with a smaller size and costs around SGD3.00 for 6 pieces of mushrooms. Hmmm....wonder is there any different in taste between those from Italy and Malaysia one. If you noticed too the Japanese cucumbers in some of the supermarkets too are imported from Malaysia too. Those farmers from Cameron Highlands are a enterprenuer bunchs. And guess what..I have the opportunity to buy Malaysian products but at a higher price...*sigh*.

Here is a simple baked and grilled portobello mushrooms after doing some googling.

6 Portobello Mushrooms
2 cloves of chopped garlic
some dried rosemary
A pinch of coarse salt
2 spoons of Olive oil

1. Clean the portobello mushrooms with kitchen towels and remove the stems. NEVER wash the mushrooms with water.
2. Place an aluminium foil over a baking tray then place the mushrooms into the tray . Use a knife to made three slits on top of the the mushroom for easy cooking.
3. Sprinkle chopped garlic, dried rosemary, coarse salt and olive oil.

4. Baked in the oven at 100 degree Celsius for 10 minutes. Turn to grill mode and grill for another 5 minutes.

This is how the final product look like. It has a very strong musky mushrooms taste which I loved and it's rather meaty minus the fat too.

This is another way you can eat the mushrooms i.e with stir fry spinach or any green veggie. The mushrooms are done the same way as the above recipe except that this time you need to cut it into strips. Place the grilled mushrooms on top of the veggie and you are ready to dig in. Yummy.


Kean-Jin Lim said...

Sometime I afraid to read your blog. Why? because after that I feel very hungry. Hahahaha....

TehSee said...

LOL....glad that you like the food.